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高橋 Lala-Be curious, not judgmental
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殿堂級時尚藝文雜誌《Madame Figaro》從法國走向香港,除了旨在延續知性優雅的法式時尚,亦期望能與時下社會接軌,討論在地議題並融和各個族群聲音,重拾大眾對生活的熱愛。

《Madame Figaro》香港版貫徹品牌時尚與文化並表的精神,強調以千禧和 Z 世代觸覺,探索時尚與流行時裝藝術文化領域,關注在地議題連繫社群。紙本同時亦會季度出版,堅持為讀者帶來實體閲讀的體驗。香港《Madame Figaro》由新傳媒集團全力發展推動。

Renowned French fashion magazine, Madame Figaro, has landed in Hong Kong positioned as a multimedia platform. The creative team behind aspire to champion the spirit and flair of Madame Figaro’s brand, by exploring fashion and art in the perspectives of millennials and generation Z, marrying the Euroasian cultures and Madame Figaro Hong Kong local communities. Backed by the local media behemoth, New Media Group, quarterly print magazine will come alongside with the brand’s digital platforms, maintaining a premium reading experience.

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Madame Figaro Hong Kong is published by New Media Group by exclusive agreement with Société du Figaro.

Madame Figaro International
Chairman: Charles Edelstenne
CEO: Marc Feuillée
Deputy CEO : Jean Luc Breysse

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Madame Figaro

Editor: Anne-Florence Schmitt
Chief Editor / Editorial co-ordinator: Dolores Aloia
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Madame Figaro International
Publisher : Eileen Le Muet
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Madame Figaro is published in China, Cyprus, France, Greece, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Lebanon, Portugal, Spain, Turkey.