我們心裡的LoveDreamDare(影像篇#1)| MFHK Co-Create
Tyson Yoshi is on our Digital Cover
#Figaroart 現代詩人Wyman 帶你遊歷V&A博物館尋找浪漫
#FigaroTalk 專訪Sabrina張蔓莎 《刹那的》
Anson Kong x McLaren
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當巨蟹座遇上處女座 Tyson Yoshi x 林家謙

我們心裡的LoveDreamDare(影像篇#1)| MFHK Co-Create


不同的人生故事,塑造了我們獨特的世界觀。 透過 Co-Create 計劃,邀請不同創作人,從自身角度出發,各自演譯心中的 Love Dream Dare。

Allison Cheung | 攝影師

Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.

Allison Cheung

1, 請寫出三個你認為最能代表新世代精神的 hashtags?

#yolo #freedom #chill

2, 於你而言 “empower” 一詞有何意義?可以分享一下你的“moment of empowerment”嗎?

I think “empower” means self-affirmation.  我認為這個詞語意味著要帶著勇敢的精神去追求自己想要的東西。由自己決定自己的目標,再向着目標進發。

第一份工作是在影樓當攝影助理,但女性在攝影這一行總是不被看好。為了尋找更好的機遇和學習機會,在影樓工作了一年半後,經過無數掙扎,決定跳出舒適圈,成為 freelance 攝影師。現在仍然繼續朝着目標努力,相信未來能享受自己當時決定的成果。

3, 可以分享一下你認為找回自身力量的最佳方法?


電影:《Her》 《Lady Bird》 《Call me by your name》
音樂:Don’t Smile At Me (Billie Eilish, Ultraviolence ( Lana Del Rey)
書籍:《被討厭的勇氣》岸見一郎, 古賀史健

Amanda Berlinski | 藝術家 / 詩人

Amanda Berlinski is a visual artist and poet based in Brooklyn, NY. She utilizes photography, makeup, and the written word in her work about living and understanding the human experience.

Ripe plum Pressure of fingertips on fruit’s swollen skin Sus lagrimos, a sweet liquid— They roll down a cheek deep purple Eyes upturned, To mourn is to cover the pulpy pit In fertile soil, and wait

Boy girl I’ve missed you A lime green inchworm flexing curving touching Who has seen the weight of me crash and fall? Growing expanding unfolding my depths, reopening old wounds to dig out silver bullets placed there gently, violently, caressingly. I’m no doctor so sometimes the seams burst and I’m left Floating, Or drowning, I never truly know. A gentle breeze will whisper and then I see how they’ve all loved me in the only way they were able to, then A moment’s reprieve. Lime green inchworm, So sure of that invisible fishing line made of its own body Cast out as a kite or an anchor, I never truly know. Boy girl I’ve missed you, Who hasn’t seen the weight of me crash and fall? When will you come home?

Oyster Smoky grays and The stain of soot, kissed with algae Opens to prying minds, soft pink, Liquid, my supple muscle Glistens Drink me down, A fountain of salt and ether, I slither Down your throat.

Amanda Berlinski

1, 請寫出三個你認為最能代表新世代精神的 hashtags?

awaken #persevere #solidarity

2, 於你而言 “empower” 一詞有何意義?可以分享一下你的 “moment of empowerment”嗎?

I hear the word “empower” and I think of finding one’s inner strength — to trust in oneself, to take action and direct energy towards areas of neglect. I believe to become empowered we simply have to uncover what is already known—that the right choice is choosing love over fear, over and over again.

There have been many times in my life I have been empowered, and each time I discover something new about myself. In my experience, empowerment has lead to healing as a domino effect; when we heal ourselves we naturally begin to share that experience with those around us.

3. 找回自身力量的方法

電影: The Wizard of Oz (1939)
音樂: “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen
書籍: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Bowie Ling | 音樂人

我對音樂製作和表演充滿熱情,最喜歡的吉他演奏風格是 percussive guitar ,因為我真的很喜歡以吉他探索不同的聲音,就像樂隊演奏一樣。 我喜歡使用電子音樂重復的聲音來製作流行歌曲,那是獨特的聲音,在我的 YouTube 頻道上可以找到。 此外,我組成的四人樂隊,名為Whizz,樂隊主要在香港表演流行音樂。

另一方面,我正在從事許多音頻工程工作,例如現場聲音和錄音室錄音。 以及為香港不同的商業和獨立藝術家進行吉他演奏和錄音。

Bowie Ling 

1, 請寫出三個你認為最能代表新世代精神的 hashtags?

#keeprocking #離開是為了回來 #我相信明天會更好

2, 於你而言 “empower” 一詞有何意義?可以分享一下你的 “moment of empowerment” 嗎?

對我自己而言,“empower” 是我的音樂可以傳播我想發送給聽眾的文字或信息。 我的 “moment of empowerment” 是,我的音樂作品可以在不同的多媒體平台上聆聽,並且有些人喜歡我的音樂。

3, 可以分享一下你認為找回自身力量的最佳方法?

電影:《I Am Sam》 
音樂: 盧凱彤〈誰〉
書籍:《在顛沛流離的世界裡,你還有我啊》— Peter Su

Chloe Mak | 造型師

旅居英國四年,於 Central Saint Martins 修讀美術,2010 年返港逗留期間「一不小心」加入了Fashion Stylist 的行列,從此與這個行業簽下無限期合約。2015 年開設自己的造型公司 CMFC,與衣服共眠,左拼右搭樂此不疲,每天的目標就是將生活的所見所聞,搭建成一件藝術品。

合作過的藝人有謝霆鋒、容祖兒、周杰倫、Angelababy、張智霖、李治廷等等。近年專注於Fashion based的項目,繼巴黎、米蘭及上海時裝周後,九月會首次參與 New York Fashion Week,到時會為大家於instagram緊貼報導 Spring Summer 2020 的動向。

Chloe Mak

Douce. D. Ivry | 攝影師

Douce d’Ivry is a French outdoor photographer based in Paris. Douce has spent more than 4 years living in Asia. From this experience, she has developed her own photographic style, blending fashion and street photography, Douce’s work offers an unexpected and colorful facet of urban areas.

1, 請寫出三個你認為最能代表新世代精神的 hashtags? can be ENG)

#green #equality #explore

2, 於你而言 “empower” 一詞有何意義?可以分享一下你的 “moment of empowerment” 嗎?

Take your destiny into your own hands. After years in a work office, I’ve decided to go freelance and quit my safe and comfortable blanket. I have decided to become a photographer, on the other side of the world, in Hong Kong, far from my hometown, Paris.  My first steps were the toughest but passion and confidence allowed me to believe in my work and my ability to start making a living out of it. 

3, 可以分享一下你認為找回自身力量的最佳方法?

Movie: Princess Mononoke by Hayao Miyazaki. 

In this animated movie,female characters break gender norms by acting as both leaders and warrior. The key learning from that movie is that women are as capable as men when empowered. Everyone is capable of the best if they are the protagonist of their own story. 

Song/ record: Survivor – Eye of the Tiger 

Book: ‘Mémoires d’un lutteur de sumo’ by Kirishima Kazuhiro.

 ” To win in the world of sumo, is to win against oneself.” You learn how purely psychological factors are of paramount importance in sumo. If you lose self-confidence and allow yourself to be defeated, it jeopardizes all your chances of winning.Without empowerment, winning is impossible.

Gigi Cheung | 演員、歌手

1, 請寫出三個你認為最能代表新世代精神的 hashtags?

#powerful #passionate #creative 

2, 於你而言 “empower” 一詞有何意義?可以分享一下你的“moment of empowerment”嗎?


所以這是一種力量,相信自己的力量,令自己有自信,令自己更強大,不需要受傳統和世俗標準限制。我覺得自從我接觸表演藝術就開展了一條empower myself 的道路。



DREAM LIFE BREAD , DREAM HIGH “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible!” –— Audrey Hepburn Wardobe: Gucci

3, 可以分享一下你認為找回自身力量的最佳方法?

電影:《Lady Bird》
音樂:”Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
書籍:《Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl》Carrie Brownstein

DARE DARE TO CREATE , DARE TO SHINE “Everyone has a creative impulse, and has the right to create, and should.”— Patti Smith Wardrobe: Simone Rocha

Creative director : Gigi Cheung & Sabrina Cheung
Photographer : Max Chan 
Photography Assistant : Tom Tong 
Art Director : Charlotte
Make up : Rainbow Chung
Hair : [email protected] 4